25 Feb 2017

Gambit Games

Good Afternoon all Gambit Games members. Tomorrow is our monthly games day starting as usual at 10am at the 3rd Sea Scouts on the Adur Recreation Ground.

We will have the normal open gaming where you can come along and find someone to play popular table top games such as Bolt Action, Blood Bowl, X-Wing and many more. In addition this month we have the following planned activities which your are welcome to join in with...

First up we have our Pokémon League Challenge which is a free event (you will still need to pay you entry to Gambit Sunday) which will start at 11am. Players will compete in one of the three different age categories to win Pokémon Boosters and special prize cards.

South Coast Hero Clix will be running an event from 12pm which this month is called 'Love is in the air". This will be a constructed event with teams of 200 points, 2 characters. Characters must have to have been romantically linked at some point in their history.
Batman and Catwoman, Cyclops and Jean Grey, Wolverine and Jean Grey, Cyclops and Emma Frost and the like. 

Next up we have board games and this month we have got a game called Mysterium for players to learn and we will be giving away some great bits and pieces as well. We may need a bit of time to read through the rules but games will be starting anytime from about 11am. More details can be found on the KD GAMES blog.

Netrunner will be making an appearance for the third event in a row, and again there will be a tournament for players to join in with. It is again a free event and this time it will be with the new exciting limited format CDM23. More details are on the FB event

Finally in the evening we will be running a Cardfight Vanguard Tag Team event for anyone that is interested. Starting at 5pm this will be a timed round event and will cost just £2 per person. (If you are already at Gambit and have paid entry then this event will be free). There will be booster prizes for the winning team and we will need at least 4 teams to get things started. Please register you interest for this on the FB Vanguard group.

Looking forward to a great day of gaming.

Gary of KD Games and Team Gambit

7 Jan 2017

Gambit Sunday

Tomorrow is Gambit Sunday. This is the delayed December event whcich would have been on Christmas Day. It is the first event of 2017 and we are kicking off with a really busy agenda. Here is a list of some of the great activity that has been planned already...

Blood Bowl - this will be available all day for people to refresh themselves on the rules and get the 2017 season underway!

Bolt Action - a tester day for the new 2nd edition rules.

MTG End of Year Tournament - this is an invitational event for all the MTG players that have score enough points in 2016 to battle it out in 6 six rounds (including draft, standard and modern) to see who will be crowned the 2016 grand champion.

Cardfight Vanguard - this is also an invitation event, this time for Cardfight Vanguard. This will be held in the evening and will be played over a number of rounds to find the 2016 champion.

Pokemon League Challenge - starting at 11am the league challenge will be a regular event this year. It is a standard event and will be played over a number of rounds depending on the attendance. This event is open to anyone that has a deck and wants to play.

Dice Masters Spiderman/Deadpool Draft - this is open to anyone that want to give it a go. It is a rainbow draft, which means that players will make their teams from boosters opened on the day. It is a great way to get the most from you booster purcahses as well as a really fun format.

Star Wars X-Wing - There is a casual large scale game planned for anyone that wants to join in. Simply bring your ships and join in.

Netrunner - We are using up and old store tournament kit to run what will hopefully be the first of many Netrunner events this year. This is open to anyone that has decks and wants to join in,

There will of course be many other board games, top top and card games being played and there is always someone available to have a game with.

Hopefully see you tomorrow for a great day of gaming and good luck to everyone playing in one of our tournament.

I will be there with a selection of stock from the shop. Remember if there is anything you want me to bring along please let me know today.

Gary of Team Gambit and KD GAMES.

30 Jul 2016

Eldritch Moon Gameday

Saturday 13th August is Game Day for Eldritch Moon.

We will be starting at 11am, but players can register from 10:30am. The entrance cost is £5 per player.

There will be a number of 45 minute 'swiis' rounds (best of three) followed by a top four cut.

Every player will get a full art promo card and a booster at the end of the event...

The top eight will receive a limited full art foil promo card and the top four will get additional boosters...

The event winner will also get a special CHAMPION playmat,,,

If you want to attend please let us know or purchase your ticket in advance on EVENTBRITE...

Eventbrite - Eldritch Moon Game Day

Gambit Sunday

Tomorrow is Gambit Sunday and we will again be at the Sea Scout Hut in Shoreham. KD games will be there with a selection of our latest games and TCG's. Remember if you want me to bring something in particular please let me know today.

As far as what is planned for tomorrow, I am hoping to do a draft event for Force of Will. If you fancy joining in then please let me know. Equally if you would like to learn this game I am more than happy to teach it and I will have some demo decks that you can try.

13 - NN4g2pv

I think that there is also some Net Runner planned for tomorrow, with a few new players hoping to get there first games in.

I am hoping to play some D&D Attack Wing as it has been a while since I played and I would very much like to get a win for a change!

Lastly we will be looking at setting something up for TANKS. I have got hold of an OP kit for it and it look pretty cool. I will be seeing what the interest is like and hopefully have a first try of what should be a really fun game to play.

There will of course be lots of different games being played, the usual ones are MTG, Bolt Action, Malifaux, X-Wing, Pokemon, Vanguard, War Machine and loads of different board games. 

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Gary of KD GAMES and Team Gambit.

10 Jul 2016

Warlord Games at CONQUEST 3

We are delighted to announce that Warlord Games will be joining us for CONQUEST 3. They have been at all of our events, supporting us with our tournaments and bringing along a large amout of stock to sell on there stall. Warlord Games are a major part of the CONQUEST experience and we a so pleased that they we able to fit us into their busy calendar.

If you are not aware of this great wargaming company here is a little bit about them...

"Formed in 2007, Warlord Games are designers, manufacturers and distributors of finely detailed historical miniatures in plastic, metal and resin.

Since then they’ve released four core rule sets to cover everything from the Ancients, the Horse & Musket era, the Black Powder era, right through the World War Two and beyond!

They’ve developed an extensive range for each of our systems – with the core units available as Plastic miniatures, reinforcements in Metals, and larger units produced in Resin.

The vast majority of the process (from game and miniature design, sculpture, mould making, production, and packing) are performed in-house, at their HQ deep in the heart of wargaming’s spiritual home, Nottingham.

The range is constantly expanding and evolving, with releases each and every week! – they are always on the lookout for exciting new possibilities – whether it’s having our own sculptors bring new units to life, or if there are other ranges out there which fulfill gaps in the existing offering.

They are extremely proud to work in close partnership with the likes of Osprey Publishing, Mongoose Publishing, Italeri, Cutting Edge Miniatures, Empress Miniatures, and many other fantastic companies to offer the finest range of 28mm miniatures and accompanying rule systems in the world!